A new home for a new stage of life

The Australian Government is offering generous financial incentives for individuals aged 65 and over who are ready to downsize.

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Perth property market predictions for 2018

2018 is beginning to shape up as one of the most positive in recent times for the Perth property market. With increasing demand and prices stabilising, property experts have made their predictions for the year ahead.

Dean Mudford from Landcorp specifically indicates that apartments have established themselves as a legitimate option for more and more buyers as they move towards a lock-up-and-leave lifestyle.

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Meet the purchasers: George & Lynn


Recent purchasers have been attracted to the beautiful lifestyle and amenity of Quayhouse. George and Lynn recently purchased with the intent to downsize and travel.

What made you purchase at Quayhouse?
We have lived in a big house with our family for almost a decade. Since retiring at Christmas, it’s just the two of us and we don’t want to worry about neighbours and gardens. We just want things to be simple.

What makes you most excited about being a resident of Quayhouse?
It’s the lifestyle. We have the top floor apartment, which is something to look forward to. To us, it’s about relaxing and just enjoying life.

What drew you to Port Coogee originally?
The location is near the beach and there are lots of beaches in the area with cafés and bicycle tracks. We’ve never lived by the beach before, so it’s going to be a nice change for us.

Why did you choose Quayhouse over the other Port Coogee projects?
The apartment size is a big plus. We looked at other apartments in the area and considered them all in terms of size and price, but nothing compared to Quayhouse.

Have you got lots of friends and family in the area?
My boys work off shore. One lives in Byford and the other Attadale. We have three grandchildren between the ages of 4-months and 24-years. It’s a nice area to have family around. You don’t have to stay in the apartment – you can go out and enjoy what’s around the apartment. The pool and the outside area, just sitting on the balcony, having a beer and enjoying the lovely weather – this is what we enjoy and Quayhouse is ideal set up for us.

Would you recommend Quayhouse to friends and family? Why?
A lot of our friends are younger than us and not interested in downsizing, but maybe when they visit us and see what we have they might change their minds. I hear that a lot of retirees are moving to an apartment rather than a smaller house. It’s a big decision but I would recommend it.

How do you envisage your life will change? Where are you at in life at the moment?
Our life will be about enjoying the apartment and enjoying going off in the caravan. We plan to do a mix of lifestyle and travel. We’re planning to be away for eight months while the apartment is being built and then we’ll be playing it by ear. The great thing is we can rent the apartment out if we want to travel and see Australia. It will be like a living holiday! If we don’t do it now, we’ll never do it!

Port Coogee Village Now Open


Port Coogee Village Shopping Centre is now open for trade. Comprising a Woolworths, and 13 specialty stores including BWS, Medical Centre, café, a news agency, nail bar, chemist and much more. There are 188 underground car parks on site, free for the first 4 hours, as well as 30 ground floor spaces.

This spectacular new addition to the Port Coogee community is centrally located one block back from the marina at 6 Calypso Parade, and just 2 minutes’ walk from Quayhouse to give future residents an exceptionally convenient shopping facility.

The opening of the Centre has taken living in Port Coogee to a new level, offering the future residents of Quayhouse a fantastic facility right on their doorstep.

Purchasing off the plan


Purchasing off the plan includes a range of significant benefits for purchasers; from amenity and design to financial benefits. Read on for more detail.

  • On site amenities: New apartment developments often have amenities that surpass existing dwellings for purchasers. These facilities at Quayhouse include: the rooftop terrace, pool, outdoor kitchen and outdoor cinema.
  • Body corporate: If you own a property with a body corporate you are part of the growing trend towards community living where you retain the benefits of privacy and lifestyle without the work and responsibilities of private property.
  • First Pick – Greater choice: When buying off the plan, you get to pick your apartment first. This means you get the chance to pick the best apartments.
  • Time: While settlement can be up to 2 years away this gives you more time to save for a larger deposit.
  • Financial Benefits: Special incentives may be offered for first home buyers and investors to take advantage of when buying off the plan.
  • Lock in a price: When you buy off the plan, you lock in a price and if the property market grows in value, you don’t have to pay any more.
  • Tax Advantages: You can claim depreciation which is a major tax incentive which is popular for investors.
  • A customised design: Purchasing off the plan means that you are able to tailor aspects of your apartment to how you would like it. This could include finishes and fixtures, paint colours, layouts, flooring to really give it the feeling of being your own home.
  • It’s New! As a first home buyers you’ll appreciate moving into something brand new, and investors can take advantage of maximised rental return as a new tenant will pay more to live in a new apartment.

Owning a strata company home


What is a strata company?
A strata company is the name given to the body who manages the common ownership aspects of a multi-unit development.

Why are they required?
Strata companies are required to provide owners and residents of a multi-residential property with an un-biased third party to ensure that the amenities of the property (such as the rooftop pool at Quayhouse) are maintained well to the benefit of all residents. They are able to provide legal advice on dealing with disputes and ensure that the best value is delivered to the owners.

What do they do?
The strata manager is appointed on behalf of the strata company as a main point of contact for residents and owners. Residents pay one annual or quarterly fee and as a result the strata company and manager will ensure that their property is well maintained and to ensure that owners achieve capital growth on their investment. The types of tasks a strata manager will undertake is arranging garden and rooftop maintenance, maintenance of the pool, paying any common property utilities, and negotiating and paying insurance for the building.

What do I own in a strata managed property?
Purchasers of apartments within a strata managed property own everything within their lot, excluding the common property.

What constitutes common property?
Common property refers to the areas of a strata building or community which every resident or owner shares such as, external walls, windows, foyers, driveways, fences, visitors parking and gardens. This means the maintenance and repairs of these areas is usually the responsibility of the strata company, unlike a house where all internal and external maintenance is the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

What is included in the Strata Fees?

  • Building Maintenance
  • Building Insurance
  • Maintenance of common areas
  • Any communal electricity, water or council rates
  • Sinking fund costs (a pool of savings to utilise should any extraordinary expenses arise)

Is there a risk that my Strata Fees will increase over time?
Just as the cost to own and maintain a free standing home increases over time, so will strata fees. The job of the strata manager is to negotiate on behalf of the strata company and owners to ensure the best price and value is obtained for items such as insurance, fees and maintenance needs.

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